Volume II: Compendium of Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram
Weaving Thai silk in Lamphun Province

Welcome to volume II of my Compendium of Thai Silk Shops on Instagram. My first compendium was so popular, and there’s so many new Thai silk shops on Instagram that I’ve put together Volume II. (If you haven’t seen my 1st compendium, click here.)

Instagram is a great resource for Thai silk. You can see a myriad of patterns and weaves from all over the Kingdom. Better yet, most silk shops will list the price and will ship worldwide.

Let me take this opportunity to urge you to read some of my basic tutorials on Thai silk. These tutorials are written for novices with the intent to give you basic information so you’ll be smarter consumers. Knowledge is power!

Thai Silk: A Buyer’s Guide
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Find & Buy Thai Silk in Bangkok
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Thailand’s Handwoven Fabrics: The Industry Time Forgot
The Thai Fabric Chronicles (All my Thai fabric posts)

Messages on IG: The Thai Language

All the Instagram accounts for Thai silk shops are in Thai. (duh!) Almost none of you speak or read Thai. (duh!) The best Thai/English translator I’ve found is Google Translator. It’s anything but perfect, but better than nothing.

Thai silk shops will list either their phone numbers or Line numbers. Line is very popular in Thailand.  Line calls are free. Many of these owners will speak at least a little English or have family members that can speak some English. Don’t hesitate to call them.

You can also message them via Instagram. They will respond back to you. Write them in English and then run the English through the translator and copy/paste the Thai into your message after the English.

Thai Silk Knowledge = Consumer Power

My goal is to educate you about Thai silk. The more Thai silk fabrics you see and videos you watch, the more you’ll learn. And remember this simple fact: Thai silk = Thai culture.

Panmoon Praewa Thai Silk

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

Line : Hitek02
Tel. 091-8617924
Facebook Page
Location: Ban Phon, Kalasin Province

Ban Phon in Kalasin Province is where Praewa silk is woven. Praewa is one of the most famous of Thai silk weaves, and is actually a combination of weaving and embroidery. I wrote an entire blog about this silk: Praewa Thai Silk: The Queen of Silks. Panmoon is a great example of a rural village silk shop in Esaan (northeast Thailand) which is the heart of silk weaving in the Kingdom.

Kunnaimom Thai Silk

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

🆔line 0902924183
Location: Nakhon Rachasima (Korat)

This silk shop specializes in mudmee and has one of the biggest selections on Instagram. Korat has a long tradition of silk weaving and the region still produces some of the finest handwoven silks in the Kingdom. If you’re in Korat, don’t miss a trip to the famous nearby silk village of Pak Thong Chai where you’ll find dozens more silk shops.

Pannee Thai Silk
Thai Silk on Instagram

โทร (Phone) ☎️ : 0858707471
Page FB : พรรณีไหมไทย (Pannee Thai Silk)
Line @ : @gka9713i
Location: Chiang Mai

A nice family run silk shop in Chiang Mai that sells brocaded and mudmee silks at competitive prices. (Remember: most silk shops will bargain prices very little if any. If they bargain more than 10% you’re probably going to get ripped off.)


Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

📍FB : Jidapa ThaiCraft​ จิดาภา ไทยคราฟต์
📍Line : (@)jidapa-thaisilk
📍Contact : (+66)62 615 4789
Location: Central Bangkok

Want to buy authentic, quality Thai silk in Bangkok? Don’t go to a tourist market! (Thai silk isn’t sold there anyway.) Go to Jidapa. I wrote a post about shopping for silk in Bangkok and I’ll add this silk shop to my recommended list. This shop specializes is mudmee from the Essan region. The video below shows the texture and drape of a bolt of beautiful mudmee Thai silk. Jidapa’s prices are very competitive.

Kham Koon Queen of Thai Silk

Silk Shops on Instagram

tel : 0966145922
line : @khamkoon_thbit.ly/2TpsRAC
Location: Ubon Rachathani

A very high-end dressmaker that specializes in Praewa Silk. Praewa silk is excellent for jackets, blouses, skirts, sarongs, purses, trim, almost anything. The fabric was a favorite of Queen Sirikit of Thailand and she would send it to her Paris fashion designers for dressmaking fit for a queen. See my blog post: Queen Sirikit & Thai Fabrics.

Thai Silk CollectionThai Silk Shops on Instagram

– Line ID: @ThaisilkCollection
– Mobile: 085-4866886
– We ship worldwide ✈️

A reliable silk shop that ships worldwide! Prices are very reasonable: The salmon colored silk above costs $3,500 baht ($125 US) and the mudmee silk on the right is 2,000 baht ($75 US) Rule: There are no bargains in authentic Thai silk. If someone tries to sell you a bolt of Thai silk for $25 (an absurdly low price), I can assure you it’s fake.

Mai-Thip Thai Silk

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

Line : maithip89
⏩ line.me/ti/p/OOilorG7fU
📱Tel : 064-8721020, 098-2286859
Location: Chonobot, Kon Gan Province

Chonobot in Kon Gan Province (about a half hour drive from Kon Gan City) is one of the best towns to buy silk in Thailand, especially mudmee silk. Go on a silk safari to Chonobot and put Maithip Silk Shop on your list of stores to visit. Good prices: The bolt of mudmee silk on the left is $4,500 baht ($145 US) which is a very good price for a bolt of this quality mudmee.

What is mudmee Thai silk? Read my post: Mudmee Fabric: A Cultural Treasure of Thailand.

Nine Thai Silk

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

☎️ 052-069121 หน้าร้านที่เชียงใหม่ (Store in Chiang Mai)
Line ID :: ninethaisilk
📱 096-5987965 บริการให้ข้อมูล (Information)
Location: Chiang Mai

This silk shop sells brocaded Lamphun Thai silk, the fabric of the Royal Family. Many silk afficionados believe Lamphun silk is the finest silk woven in the Kingdom. Brocaded Lamphun silk is also one of the most expensive Thai silks you’ll find. Be prepared to spend upwards of $15,000 baht ($450 US) for a dressmaker’s bolt of 4 meters. Call them for directions.

Boonmark Thai Silk

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

สนใจ (Information)📲091-0513777
Line 0910513777
Facebook: Boonmark Thai Silk
Location: Ban Phom, Kalasin Province

Another excellent Praewa silk shop in Kalasin Province.  Preawa silk is woven by the Phu Thai ethnic community that lives in the villages just outside of Kalasin City. To get to Ban Phom, you’ll need to go on a “silk safari” to Kalisin Province. The easiest way to get there is to fly in from Kon Gan City. From Kon Gan, it’s about an hour’s drive on good roads.

Nattha Silk Gallery

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

🟢Line ID : emmy_alice
📺 IG : emmy_natthida
📞📱: 065-9554942
This is a very traditional Thai silk cooperative from Chonobot, Kon Gan Province. Their IG page has good videos of Thai silk. You can buy via telephone/Line and they ship worldwide. Chonobot is the center of mudmee weaving in Thailand. The video below shows a woman tying a mudmee pattern on silk thread before dying.  Learn about Thai mudmee weaving.

Thai Silk Village

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

FB : Thai Silk Village
Line : @thaisilkvillage
Contact us via Link 👇🏻lin.ee/aoNFXQb
Location: Sam Khampeng, Chiang Mai

I get sooooo many emails from people who want to buy Thai silk in Chiang Mai, and I always respond that I don’t recommend Chiang Mai as a silk source. But if you must, then I recommend you head out to the Thai Silk Village. (Remember: Quality & authentic Thai silk is NOT sold at tourist markets such as the Night Bazaar or Walking Street.)

Prawa Silk

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

📞: 0945164626
Location: Ban Phon, Kalasin Province

This silk shop is in Ban Phon which is the heart and soul of Praewa Thai silk. The village of Ban Phon has an entire community center dedicated to weaving Praewa silk. Praewa is one of the more expensive silks because of its complex and time consuming weave. Prices usually start at $200 (US) for a 4 meter bolt and can go over $1,000 (US) for larger complicated bolts. Any weaver who can produce Praewa is considered a master weaver.

Thai Silk by Buririn

Thai Silk Shops on Instagram

📞 0876464063 🆔 mylunchline.me/D
Location: Surin Province

In Surin Province you’ll find some of the finest Thai silk available, especially near Surin City and its surrounding silk weaving villages. (Read my post: A Thai Silk Safari to Ban Ta-Sa-Wang in Surin Province) From Bangkok to Surin is about an 8 hour drive, so this area makes for a good “silk safari” from Bangkok. The golden silk bolt in the center (photo above) is $4,600 baht ($150 U.S.). That’s a good price for a four meter bolt.

Laksana Silk

Thai silk shops on Instagram

Napo Village, Buriram Province

Laksana Silk is one of many silk shops in Buriram Province that specializes in mudmee Thai silk. Why travel all the way to Buriram to buy Thai silk (about a 6 hour drive from Bangkok)? Answer: 1. To visit a part of Thailand very few tourists see. 2. To see the ancient Khmer ruins in the vicinity. 3. To eat Esaan cuisine like som tom, gai yang and sticky rice.  4 To get great deals and selection on Thai silk! The silk at each end of the above photo sells for $5,500 baht ($177 U.S.) for a 1 x 4 meter bolt-you won’t find that price/selection in Bangkok.

Buriram is in Esaan (northeastern Thailand). Esaan is one of the least visited areas of Thailand. Read my blog post: A Vagabond to Esaan.

More Thai Silk Shops on IG

@rak_thaisilk (Praewa & mudmee silks)
@cchiraaphretaayuuen (mudmee silks)
@matingthaisilk (mudmee silks)
@viengxai_laosilk (High-end Laotian silk sarongs)
@premjitthaisilk (Buriram)
@thunchanokpraewwa (Praewa silk from Kalisin Province)
@phusaphasin (High-end silk couture)
@chayabrandthai (Thai silk purse maker)
@mutta_thailand  www.muttathailand.com (Silk couture in Bangkok)
@kora_premiumsilk  (Good video about Praewa & mudmee Silks)
@kama_thaisilk (beautiful silks, especially mudmee silks)
@lamaibrand_official (dressmaker)

The Silk Safari Continues

Just by reading the short descriptions of these traditional Thai silk shops and clicking on a few of the links is a great tutorial about Thai silk in itself. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video worth ten thousand.

The world will eventually open again to tourism. So far Thailand has controlled Covid very well. When we can all travel freely again, I hope you’ll arrange a silk safari to the Kingdom. It’s a great excuse to see rural Thailand and a traditional culture that most tourists don’t even know exists.

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