A Siam Puzzle Box: Bangkok Rocks

Bangkok: A Poem

Gawd, but we don’t need another blog post about Bangkok. Like the top ten tourist traps to visit; or the top ten restaurants that you’ll never find, let alone eat at; or you gotta see Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. Enough! So I wrote a poem instead. Enjoy.


dazzle frazzle, baffle boggle
rabid dawn turns starless night
naughty, bawdy, smoggy, haughty
frothing fuddles of beauty & blight
afflicted, addicted, unrestricted
a fevered nirvana of ruckus & roar
rude, lewd, always misconstrued
a wild dystopia to its tropical core
erotic hypnotic narcotic frolic
passion fruit sweets & taboo bites
temptation, flirtation, no moderation
opium dreams of ladyboy nights
swarming, warming, thunder forming
spurting squirting blurting rain
wild fandangos of mango tango
gobs of mobs gone splendidly insane
please indulge her vulture culture
breathe this burning churning craze
sexy smexy, fleshy messy
monks muddling through a moral maze
pad Thai stir fry lychee lullaby
frenzy fueled by fish sauce drizzle
spicy seditious, so delicious
street woks smoke, sear & sizzle
fatal attraction, green curry action
the Temple of Dawn madness mocks
alienation mutation to jubilation
a Siam puzzle box, Bangkok rocks.
a Siam puzzle box, Bangkok rocks.
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  1. Dear Jeff,

    I’m in an emergency, I need your advice.My friends are on holiday in Phatong, i need a reliable silk source. I know there’s Jim Thompson in Le Meridien, but it’s overpriced. Do you have any idea where to send them? ASAP: Esther (and merry christmas 🙂 )

    • Merry Christmas Someone,

      Christmas at Patong Beach, Phuket-sounds great. Unfortunately, southern Thailand does not have a Thai silk tradition. I’m not even sure that Thai silk shops exist in Phuket. Jim Thompson may be the best place for Thai silk in Phuket. At least you’ll be sure what you’re buying is authentic Thai silk. I shop Jim Thompson now and then, and their prices are a little high because you’re buying their label. But what a label it is! Jim Thompson really was the “Thai Silk King”.

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