A Siam Puzzle Box: Bangkok Rocks

Bangkok: A Poem

Gawd, but we don’t need another blog post about Bangkok. Like the top ten tourist traps to visit; or the top ten restaurants that you’ll never find, let alone eat at; or you gotta see Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. Enough! So I wrote a poem instead. Enjoy.


dazzle frazzle, baffle boggle
rabid morning turns starless night
naughty, bawdy, smoggy, haughty
a frothing fuddle of beauty & blight

afflicted, addicted, unrestricted
a fevered nirvana of ruckus & roar
rude, lewd, always misconstrued
a wild dystopia to its tropical core

erotic hypnotic narcotic frolic
passion fruit sweets & taboo bites
temptation, flirtation, no moderation
opium dreams of ladyboy nights

swarming, warming, thunder forming
spurting squirting blurting rain
a wild fandango mango tango
gobs of mobs gone splendidly insane

please indulge her vulture culture
breathe this burning churning craze
sexy smexy, fleshy messy
monks muddle through a moral maze

a pad Thai stir fry lychee lullaby
frenzy fueled by fish sauce drizzle
spicy seditious, so delicious
street woks smoke, sear & sizzle

fatal attraction, green curry action
the Temple of Dawn madness mocks
alienation mutation to jubilation
a Siam puzzle box, Bangkok rocks.

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