A few of our Thai pillow makers and myself (I’m the White guy with the cowboy hat of course) in Isaan at the Pillow Making Village.

I’ve been going back and forth to Thailand for almost 20 years. Most of my time in Thailand has been spent in the rural north, where my wife grew up. Lamphun province to be exact; Pasang to be even more exact.

About 10 years ago, my wife and I, started our business House of Thailand. A Thai pillow emporium. Our business took me to ever more remote parts of the Thai countryside in search of fine silk and assorted fabrics to make pillows with. I call our trips “fabric safaris”. And as time passed, I became very fluent in the Thai silk trade.

I often joke to my wife that in reality we don’t sell Thai pillows and mats. We really sell Thai culture. You can’t separate Thai pillows from Thai culture. And you can’t make Thai pillows without understanding a great deal about Thai culture. And so East meets West again.

I’m just another farang (White person) that somehow stumbled across a cultural chasm and into an alien (but friendly) land. There was never any plan to do so.

My blog is a journey into simple Thai culture. I can show you ways of traditional life that are quickly disappearing from a developing Thailand. “Old Siam” is what I call the old ways. You can still find Old Siam, but it’s getting more and more elusive.


P.S. The snapshots in this blog are mine. You’re welcome to use them for non-commercial and other bloggy purposes. I would appreciate a link back to where you got them. Thanks.

A selection of Thai pillowry our company makes. We use the finest Thai fabrics to make our top line pillowry.


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