A Journey into Thai Culture

My blog is a journey into both Thailand and Thai culture. It’s a cultural travel guide of sorts with an emphasis on fabrics and Thai pillows.

I have been living in, travelling to, and coming and going from Thailand for two decades. I’ve worked alongside Thais; attended their weddings and funerals; eat Thai food more often than farang; and attend Buddhist ceremonies. My son is Thai.  My family is Thai. I was married in a Thai wat with nine monks chanting. I could go on and on…. You get the picture.

For a more expanded version of my “Thai chops” please read: My Thai Life. It’s the beginning chapter of my blog.

This Blog

I tend to post in spurts. Just when you think my blog has finally gone silent for good, I’ll suddenly post a frenzy of essays.

My son tells me to be a successful blogger I need to post regularly-weekly, monthly or everyday.  (Everyday! Who has something interesting to say everyday?) I patiently explain to him that I have posts that took me weeks just to research, another week to write, and another week after that to get the photos/graphics ready.

I also update this blog frequently especially my most popular posts about Thai fabrics. I’m always getting new info and finding more photos that I’ll add. So don’t be fooled by the original posting date-I usually update these posts every 6 months.

Needless to say my blog, while it may appear random, is not a collection of random thoughts.

The Thai Fabric Chronicles

Fabric Shopping in Chiang Mai
My wife fabric shopping in Chiang Mai.

Much of my blog is about Thai fabrics-Thai handwoven fabrics to be specific. Traditional fabrics are a cultural treasure of Thailand.

I consider myself an expert on handwoven Thai fabrics, especially Thai silk. I’ve written extensively about both Thai silk production and Thai silk fabrics.

My fabric expertise stems from the export business my wife and I started many years ago. Along the way, I’ve purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of Thai silk from village weavers and so gained an expertise and love for this legendary fabric and the people who produce it.

Thai Pillows

My love for Thai fabrics is only eclipsed by my love for Thai pillows. Over the years, I exported to the U.S. over 30 ocean freight containers of Thai pillows. That’s a lot of pillows! The pillow makers of Esaan are close family friends and will remain so forever.

Thai pillows, their history, how they’re made, and their quality is my deepest passion.

A Very Little More About Myself

Born in northern Ohio on the banks of Lake Erie in the winter.  A snowy, cold start to life. Lived here and there in the U.S., mostly in L.A. Went to the University of Arizona, which turned out to be great preparation for the heat of Thailand. I also went to law school-sorry!

The Siamese Puzzle Box

Whether by choice or fate, I’ve been dragged across a cultural chasm from White culture to Thai culture. It doesn’t happen overnight, but is the result of over two decades of intimate contact with all things Thai.




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